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Looking for answers to your handwriting forgery problems. Maybe you have been accused of signing a document you did not sign. Perhaps some one denied signing an important contract to you, or forged a document cheating you out of your rightful share.

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Received judgement in favour of my clients today and the supreme court judge allowed the report into record. Thank you for your prompt service and attention.


Thanks David . I finally got changed to victim, now the employer has some questions to answer. Will let you know the final out come of this case, I am finally getting medical attention, it only took 11 years.

Thanks Again,


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Sometimes it isn't the signature that is forged, but the document has been altered. In this age of electronics, it easy to churn out original documents. It makes it more important to insist on an original.
Today you can scan a document into a photo manipulation program and add and subtract text.
Fortunately most forgers are not very good at it, and all it takes is one mistake to catch them. 


You will find Forged Signatures on Checks, Deeds, Wills, Contracts, Credit Card Slips, ETC,


If you receive a threatening or offensive letter it is important to keep it clean and handle as little as possible. Besides the handwriting information, you might be able to get some finger prints off of the letter or envelope.


Graffiti can be a harmful and destructive form of handwriting expression, If your a victim of graffiti, take pictures of the display, it could be used to discover the author, through document examination.

Here are a multitude of sources that may bear signatures, letterings, or writings suitable as standards for comparison. The following list of possible areas of exploration.


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